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Kisah Juruterbang Malaysia Airlines.


entry untuk dishare bersama kepada readers since ramai yang tanya macam mana kehidupan seorang pilot..aku masih lagi student tak dapat la nak share kan.sebab hari-hari benda yang sama...masih lagi student..ok..jemput baca ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan semua.heheeh.


Company : Malaysia Airlines
Pilot Age : 30.

Hi there. I have worked at MAS (Malaysian Airlines) for the past 11 years. I am Malay and was selected for the MAS Cadet Pilot AB-INITIO Program in 1994. A group of us cadets then completed all of our initial Pilot Licences and Flight Training at BAE Systems Flight Training in Adelaide, Australia over a 10 month period.

We then came back to KL and underwent further training in house with Malaysian Airlines. A few months later, I was lucky to be place on and then trained on the Boeing B737-300/400/500. These Classic B737s are excellent airplanes to fly. Our routes on the B737 basically linked KL ith all of the major centres within 3 hours flying time; throughout South East Asia.

Two years later my seniority allowed me to move up to the Airbus A330-300 widebody, which was a brand new airplane in our fleet, and state of the art technologically. The A330 also has a lot of range and allowed me to fly as far as Australia, the Middle East, India, and Japan.

New A330.
mandi wajib ke?.hehehe

Three and a half good years flying the Airbus A330, and again my seniority gains allowed me to move up and this time I accepted a spot on the Queen of the Fleet and the Queen of the Skies - the Boeing B747-400 Widebody! What an awesome airplane, and also an incredible view taxiing from way up in our office/cockpit.

I have been flying the B747 all over the world for the past 6 years. The range on this aircraft is staggering, and because of this long range, the cockpit is equipped with a Bunk Sleeping Room with 2 beds and a door for privacy. We use these beds for proper sleeps and rest on our flights over 8 hours - which happens to be most of them.

Our destinations on the B744 are excellent. My favorite places to fly into and out of are London Heathrow and LAX (Los Angeles). My favorite destinations to visit and spend a 2 day layover are Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cape Town (South Africa), Los Angeles (USA), and Vancouver (Canada). Unfortunately we no longer fly to YVR Vancouver!

Our rosters on the B747 are quite good - mostly due to the long flying times between KL and our destinations. Because the flights are mostly over 12 hours, we get good layover times once we reach the destination - usually 48 hours or longer in the hotel. 48 hours is a perfect amount of time for some rest and some exploring. When we return home to KL, the flight again is usually over 10 or 12 hours and we will receive atleast 2 days off at home to recover and get ready for our next journey. So all in all the rostering system at MAS is good and healthy.

Because of the long range of the B744, most of our flights involve two sets of crews - meaning 2 Captains and 2 First Officers. One crew usually operates the first half of the flight, and the second the latter part of the flight.

Becoming a MAS Pilot, and a B747 Pilot, was a dream come true for me. I highly recommend the MAS Cadet Pilot Program for any Malay or Malaysian citizens interested in aviation. I also recommend MAS as a great place to work and fly for experienced pilots - both Malaysian and expats now (they are hiring).

Over the last year or so, many of our experienced First Officers, and some Captains, have opted to leave and take on positions at the growing Middle Eastern airlines like Etihad, Qatar, and Emirates. For that reason, MAS now has a bit of a shortage of experienced pilots and will most likely be recruiting expats to fill the void over the next few years.

Sesape yang berminat untuk jadi juruterbang..keep it up ok!!..
jangan putus asa!!

Happr reading, have a good day :)


  1. thanks for the comment... nanti saya try cari background colour putih yang menarik...

    have a good day & take care... :)

  2. nak jadi pilot and doctor dua2 skali bole ? hikhik

  3. MAS mengalami shortage,patutlah macam kurang je pilot2 MAS yang hensem-hensem sepanjang dua tahun lepas.hikhikhik :D

    -saya tak bergurau,saya serius-

    Eh jgn salah fhm,sy tak usha pilot,kawan sy yg selalu usha.hee.

  4. @bibi bibo

    eish..tamaknya awak..hehehe..
    pilih satu je ok!

  5. @hana sudradjat

    bagus sudradjat..ikuti perkembangan..heee..

    yeke nie?hehe

  6. wan.. moga jdi pilot yg berdedikasi.. :D

  7. kalo jd pramugari pun ok kot kalo tak dpt jd pilot. hehee

  8. saya pun tak tau nak komen pa kerja sebagai pilot ne, yang saya tau pramugari dia santek2... :P

  9. uitttsss..pramugari sgt tdk sesuai dijdkn profession anda dik norhatizah, dgn keseksiannya yg jls ternyata itu...wpun dorg sentiasa melayan dengn sebaik mgkn!

    en.syazwan: sadisnya mas dh menamtkn penerbgnnya ke sandkn ni..huhu

  10. @hasnorwani

    hahaha gurau la. no worries, tak jadi pramugari pun. huhu

  11. da jd pilot.. jgn lpe bg tiket murah blh g travel slalu :)

  12. weh,aku nak tanya.nape airport biasa dalam kelapa sawit?

  13. tah ler...mungkin org sandakan tak mampu nak naik mas tu...hehehe...kami bese naik airasia jek..

    sesekali nak gak naik dh dorg xsudi..kami pun redho jela

  14. syazwan kuatkan iman ea bile dh jd pilot luck!
    yg cantik, menarik, tertarik tak semuanya baik untuk kita..
    Adakalnya yg sederhana cantik itu mungkin adlh lebih menyenangkn lagi menenangkan...
    Ikhlas dari Takaful Malaysia..hehe

  15. wah seyes best..
    good luck jd pilot...

  16. @tieykah

    sebab non populated area..and area tu tak ada gunung ganang.

  17. Err,

    bagi aku idea sikit

    hows to be a pilot ?

  18. kenapa dari aussie dia amek? dari s'pore MAS tak amek????

  19. aku rase kalo aku jadi pilot, org taknak naik je kahkahkah

  20. Syoknyaaaaa...
    Semoga sukses sentiasa ya.. :)

  21. namee pernah masuk cockpit a320!! nice! :D tapi bila tengok boeing, kapalnya lebih cmplicated ye. nk try sim pun asyik crash je. kalau atr tu boleh la turun naik turun naik.

  22. Wan.. Untung ye kamu.. Ni cita2 dari kecik ke? Nanti dah jadi pilot jgn eksen dgn kami2 ni ye.. Good luck dan semoga wan berjaya jadi pilot yang hebat!! Aamin..

  23. dah jadi pilot jangan rogol pramugari pulak. Dah berapa ramai yg dah rosakkan pramugari. Tanyala kapten leh.

  24. Assalamualaikum , saya lepasan SPM , nak tanya nih , kalau bagi golongan yang kurang berkemampuan nak dapatkan lesen kapal terbang , nak dapatkan sponsor daripada mana ye ? TQ

  25. Assalamualaikum. I have a question. What is the minimum requirements for SPM candidates to become a pilot? Do we need to get at least A- for 'killer subject' such as Physics and Add Math? For sure we need to get credits for Bahasa Malaysia ,English and Mathematics. That's all :)

    1. agree with u on ADD MATH subject....

  26. agak2 pilot2 yg muslim ni solat tak?

  27. Assalam'mualaikum. Sejak kecil lagi, impian saya adalah ingin menjadi seorang Juruterbang seperti awak. Tapi, naik sekolah menengah ni saya mengalami masalah rabun, so boleh bagi recommend? saya sentiasa berdoa agar impian tercapai selepas menduduki SPM.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. aku nk jd x kesampaian sbb result spm ke cara lain r nk jd pilot ni?lol

  30. Sir Syazwan Che Deraman , can I have your facebook name ?
    There is some questions I need to ask you about pilot .
    Thanks :D

  31. U jd juruterbang ni btul ke org ckp kena kahwin lambat? Rutin harian mcmana? Cth klau brkahwin, klau fly negeri ke ngeri, hari2 balik rumah ke mcmana?

  32. Saya akan cuba berusaha sehabis baik dan cuba masuk malaysia airlines cadet pilot program untuk bergelar seorang juruterbang MAS yang hebat!

  33. Pengalaman kerja yg menarik...syabas

  34. Wah..entry yang menarik dan mudah dibaca.. semoga jadi ilham kepada mreka yang minat nak jadi pilot..tbaik


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