Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mikel Arteta Collision with Jordan Henderson.


Mikel Arteta has been taken to hospital after suffering concussion in Arsenal's lunchtime win at Liverpool. The midfielder required oxygen and left the field on a stretcher after Jordan Henderson accidentally caught Arteta on the jaw in an off-the-ball collision shortly after half-time.

Arteta, formerly of Everton, was given a standing ovation from the Anfield crowd as he was taken off the pitch with the score 1-1.The Spaniard was replaced by Abou Diaby, who was making his first appearance for Arsenal since November. 

Laurent Koscielny's own goal had given the hosts the lead before Robin van Persie levelled with a header and volleyed the winner in injury-time.

Source :  Dailymail


Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta has been taken to hospital as a precautionary measure after suffering severe concussion following a blow to the jaw.

The 29-year-old was injured in a seemingly innocuous clash with Liverpool's Jordan Henderson during the match at Anfield and was stretchered off shortly after the half-time break.

Replays of the incident suggested that is was a purely accidental collision as the Spaniard blindly turned into the Reds' midfielder when he running past.

Sky Sports reported that Arteta was: "Ok, but not great in the dressing room and was taken to hospital, the club think/hope as a precaution".

St John's Ambulance went on the field with a stretcher to remove Arteta, who was out cold at the time although reports later revealed he had come round and was feeling fine in hospital.

Abou Diaby, who hadn't played since November, replaced the Spaniard who departed to warm applause from around the ground.

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post script : Tadi aku tak tengok pun bola, keluar jap, pastu, bila balik, member aku bagitahu pasal game ni dan dia cakap Arteta kena heart, aku google pasal dia..

post script : Tak sempat nak blogwalking hari ni.sibuk.





  1. diabi tu masuk tak function langsung..

    adeh, cian arteta..

  2. oo..tak tau pape pun. (ececce..mcm amik tau sgt je)

    eh tau x,,lelaki yg menyokong Arsenal adalah lelaki yg penyabar.

    tapi kamu bukan arsenal kn. hewhewhew

  3. assalamualaikum...kami nak mintak izin ni...nak copy header blog hangpa, buat contoh set induksi untuk p&p kt sekolah...kebetulan topik 3 ada tajuk pasal pekerjaan , posmen, dan pilot...pinjam na....^_^

  4. Poor him! Tengah-tengah asyik main bola tiba tiba heart attack. :(

  5. err...tak tahu pape sebab aku not into kind into this bola thing..


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